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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cheap Petrol in Rotorua, Another Reason to Visit!

Rotorua's low petrol prices are drawing motorists from Whakatane, Tauranga and Tokoroa.

Te Ngae Rd Gull Station manager Glenys Rigby said petrol was being sold at $1.989 at the station yesterday.

"We get people all the time from Whakatane, Tauranga and Tokoroa," she said. "They always come and tell us, 'Your prices are so wonderful'."

Drivers in several provincial centres are saving big money at the pump. But others are paying up to 10c a litre more for petrol.

Places such as Rotorua, Whangarei and the Wairarapa are benefiting from a surge in local market competition between petrol stations.

Referred to as the "Gull effect", New Zealand's petrol minnow is forcing prices down in places it operates.

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Rotorua prices 91 octane as at November 9:

Caltex Te Ngae Rd: $1.999
Z Energy Te Ngae Rd: $1.999
Gull Te Ngae Rd: $1.989
Mobil Old Taupo Rd: $2.029
Gull Lake Rd: $2.029
BP Geyser: $2.039
Mobil Te Ngae: $1.989

Tauranga prices 91 octane, as at November 6:

Caltex: $2.089
Z Energy: $2.089

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