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Friday, August 24, 2012

Latest Reviews, Happy Customers

MALFROY motor lodge, located at 51 Malfroy St, Rotorua is considered "easily the best accommodation in Rotorua by Australian", Demi C (comments from TripAdvisor Below)

Wonderful hosts and good value.”
Reviewed August 22, 2012 NEW
We stayed at Malfroy Motor Lodge for three nights. The night we had arrived the host, Ron had been waiting up late for us to ensure we had a safe check in. He then showed us to our rooms which were thermally heated which was a great relief from the outdoor weather as we had traveled in the winter month. Ron gave us a tour of the room and the outdoor mineral pool and the heated pool which was amazing, we were in there every night of our stay.

Arriving in Rotorua, we had very little planned but Ron and Mairi were extremely helpful in suggesting activities and doing everything they possibly could to assist us. They booked everything that we wanted to go to for us as well as organising lifts and transfers to ensure we got to the locations and back to the lodge safely.

The beds were very comfortable, the room and bathroom was clean which is very important to me. The kitchen had all the utensils we needed, coffee and tea is provided and the television had access to enough channels for entertainment. We were also provided with free wi-fi and Ron informed us if we had run out, we could just go and ask him for more which was fantastic as this is the only lodge I have ever stayed at providing free internet. I've always been charged for internet at everywhere I've stayed at. Our room was at the very front of the lodge, just across the road yet we had no issues with sound and the lodge is very central to everything. The lodge also provides discounts for a lot of the activities in Rotorua which is a bonus.

The hosts are amazing. Ron and Mairi are so friendly and welcoming that you feel like you're at home while staying at this lodge which really made our trip what it was for my boyfriend and I. We had a wonderful time in Rotorua and it was largely due to Ron and Mairi being so helpful in suggesting so many activities and really striving to ensure their guests are happy and comfortable. They know so much about the culture and history of Rotorua as well and were very happy to provide us with free education whenever they could.

Easily the best accommodation I've ever stayed at and definitely recommended to anyone staying in Rotorua. Nobody will look after you as much as Ron and Mairi will, I wouldn’t bother staying anywhere else.

Central, helpful & friendly
Reviewed August 9, 2012

Brisbane, Australia

We stayed 2 nights in the family unit and it was great.

Ron bends over backwards to help where he can and Mairi was so helpful with the tours & attractions too.

Everything in Rotorua is thermally heated, and this hotel has great heating in all the rooms as well as 2 pools; one tap water and one mineral, both thermally heated.
We took our 3 year old in the pool every day and he loved it. We did too !

Ron helped us out with washing clothes and probably put himself out doing so but never let on. He also helped out getting the barbeque going and supplying tools as well !

Everything they suggested was spot on and we had a lot of fun in Rotorua without being busy either. You can see 4 different thermal pools & wonderlands if you want to, or listen to Ron & Mairi, go to the one they suggest for you (depend on your length of stay) and cross that genre off your list. Really really helpful info. Actually I normally book everything in advance on holidays but in this case because of what I'd read on TA I didn't organise anything knowing that there guys would help out, and they stepped up just like everybody says they do.

Ok so on to the room: Room 8. thermally heated as I said, and it does get hot if you want it to. Great bedrooms, comfortable beds. CLEAN (it's important to me). Shower is something of a magic show and we were shown how to use it, but we ended up spending more time in the pool! In the end I think we used the spa, bath & shower with the radio.

The room is described as a large family suite and it has 2 rooms with queen beds in each. One also has a single bed in it and the other has a single bed in a separate room off it.
We put our 3 year old in that one as it was super dark (no external windows) and stayed in the room his was off, thinking he'd prefer us close to him.

In hindsight we should have put ourselves in the other main bedroom. The reason I say this is the ONLY slight negative thing I have to say about the place and that's the road noise from this room. I can't comment about the other queen room in the apartment but I suspect noise would be slightly better but you can't change the location of the property. At the end of the day it is where it is. If you come from the beach or the hills and are not used to road noise (like me) then you hear it here. If you're used to it, great. The room is double glazed and every other aspect makes up for it. I think the family suite probably gets the worse of it as it is on a corner and gets the noise from two sides.

As I said, it is what it is, they can't change the location. Ron and Mairi are super helpful and very friendly and everything about them and this place makes up for the noise. I do hope they'd have us again, because we'd definitely go back but maybe to a different apartment or at least the other room of the same one. I guess I am just a light sleeper.

The apartment is beautifully appointed and has a full kitchen. The TV only has a few channels on it, but as Ron said, people prefer to get a DVD from reception and watch that than have ads on the telly and probably watch something you don't really want to anyway. They have a nice variety of dvds and Ron said it's growing.
They also have a kids playground which our 3 year old tested out!

We thought the rates were reasonable given the facilities and amenities.

Anyway a long review, and possibly slightly picky but TA only works if people put honest reviews up. This is a great place to stay with great hosts.

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